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Every so often, your bank connection in Wave may fail with an error message.

If you see error 1671, i Tunes is downloading necessary software. To see how long the download should take, click the down arrow in the upper-right corner of i Tunes.

To restore your device to the latest version of i OS, use recovery mode. The OTA update would download, the phone would restart to install, it would go for about 30% and then display "Error! I have an unlocked bootloader and have flashed the stock rom. The rom is the stock amazon one with ads, the current build number is MPJ24.139-64, What do you mean by 49 or 64? All I did was follow the motorola steps for unlocking the bootloader and flashed TWRP so i could get backups. Rebooted the phone and saw that the firmware was applied. My moto g4 not rooted,locked still got ads and lockscreen ads Originally Posted by canhmeo Can anyone help me? I press downloaded around 718mb and it say UNSUCCESSFUL after 40%.i tried many time but still same issue.I found this guide: laviefrugale(dot)blogspot(dot)ca/2015/05/moto-g-ota-update-error(dot)html But it says to root the phone to look at system logs and I don't know if i wanna do that. An upgrade was also available to go to MPJ24.139-64. After getting back in, the nougat update NPJ25.93-14 was available. My moto g4 not rooted,locked still got ads and lockscreen ads Originally Posted by Pickles The Hamster I got it working now.In most cases, the connection has simply timed out, and you’ll want to perform a manual refresh in order to re-establish the connection.Occasionally, you may login to the Dashboard page of your Wave account, and notice that your bank connection is failing with an error message.

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