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Have fun chatting with people from all over the world.Police seized his hard drives in a raid on his den in the Philippines and have used the material found to break into a web of paedophiles from across the globe, including Australians, Hulley told au.'The Philippines is definitely a hot spot for live streaming abuse of children,' Hulley told au.'Where there is a demand, organised crime are the experts in delivering supply.Now, that they are involved, these cyber dens are popping up all over the place in south east Asia.'Hulley, who helped law enforcement develop intelligence on Scully, said webcam sex tourism is on the up all over the world and called the Philippines 'ground zero.'He says this is because the country has good internet infrastructure – but many live in poverty.learners got nowhere to go so very way down from gondala so lifts packed.He allegedly masterminded a pay-per-view service where footage of children being tortured and abused was livestreamed for predators on the dark web, au reports.Some of their support and service 'boys' with a sick ego, thinking he's a guru, constantly hiding them, change the IP/port and lock.

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