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It’s an inside-out construct, invented by marketers – an attempt to reduce an often long and erratic buyer journey to a series of pre-defined steps.It’s an approach that can be effective, in the rare instance that your customer follows those pre-defined steps when you want them to.Since Iran agreed on a nuclear deal and economic sanctions were lifted about a year ago, the country has emerged as an attractive proposition on the international stage – not only for trade but also for science.German research funders are aware of the country’s growing pool of excellent scientists and eager to get in on the action.But you’re too busy that week, so you skip the webinar. Until a few leeks later, from the same company, you receive a series of e-mails about a different topic.Just when you were planning to look into the topic that initially caught your attention. Author Ardath Albee summarizes the problem well in her book ‘Digital Relevance’ (2015): Albee urges B2B marketers to kill the campaign, and she’s right.

This is what a high value added distributor can do for its retail partners and it’s something that a mass market focused distributor will never do.”Kelly stressed that Stampede has been able to deliver these results at a time when the entire B2B selling process is changing dramatically, becoming more and more like the B2C marketplace.The Max Planck Society and the Fraunhofer Society have already sent representatives to Iran, while The German Academic Exchange Service, a support organization for international academic cooperation, opened an office in the capital of Tehran in 2014.The Robert Bosch Foundation – a private charity focused on supporting natural and social sciences and international ties – was in Tehran this month to meet with potential partners and scout deals for Germany.Set against a backdrop of a rapidly evolving B2B sales environment that increasingly resembles the world of B2C sales and marketing, Stampede President & COO Kevin Kelly this week welcomed more than 125 representatives from 65 of its manufacturer partners to an expanded 2015 Stampede Vendor Summit in Buffalo, New York.The three-day summit, which ran from October 4 through October 7 at the Marriott Niagara Falls Hotel, consisted of exhibits, one-on-one sales meetings, training sessions, and two full days of presentations that included three keynotes from futurists and industry experts, and the first-ever, industry-wide panel on Drone Video Systems featuring manufacturers, end-users, market and legal analysts, and educators.

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