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Kolb's model for learning styles can be visualized by thinking of two lines intersecting at right angles.The points on the horizontal line constitute the ways we do things whereas the points on the vertical line emphasize the way we think about things.These factors are well studied by the scholars in the past.However, there is still considerable gap in the literature pertaining to the relationship between learning styles and gender differences in the context of management education.Whatever influences the choice of style, the learning style preference itself is actually the product of two pairs of variables, or two separate 'choices' that we make, which Kolb presented as lines of axis, each with 'conflicting' modes at either end: A typical presentation of Kolb's two continuums is that the east-west axis is called the Processing Continuum (how we approach a task), and the north-south axis is called the Perception Continuum (our emotional response, or how we think or feel about it).

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They are derived from neurobiological research or based on experiential learning theories.This paper focuses on management education using Experiential Learning Theory (ELT) and explores the effects of learning styles and gender on the performance scores of undergraduate students in three successive academic years.Results of the study indicate that the distribution of learning style type preference of the chosen sample of students was more concentrated towards assimilating and converging styles.The later - experiential learning theories - will be discussed in this chapter.Experiential learning theory (ELT) is one of the most famous approaches especially in the higher education. Kolb's model of learning cycle describes the process of acquiring and capturing experiences with modifying of behaviour as a result of the learning from the experience. The learning process might start from any stage of the learning cycle.

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