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November 2004, against a shattered wall in south Fallujah in Iraq, with video rolling, I conduct a battlefield interview with US Marine Corporal William Wold. he saw a guy with an AK, I told him to shoot the guy, then I shot the six guys on the left…He has just shot six men dead inside a room adjoining a mosque and is juiced with a mix of adrenaline and relief. and my other Marine shot two other guys.’Wold grew up near Vancouver in Washington State.

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They saw him waiting in a car in the summer heat for her, without cracking the windows. Dennis and Mac -- and then, later, Charlie and Dee -- try to get themselves out of the financial scams that they have gotten themselves into by triggering Ben's PTSD, which they both think will render him "putty in [their] hands".

Dennis and Mac told her that Ben was probably running The D. However, it turns out that Ben is not only free from PTSD, but he thought that his time in the Army during the war was fun due to actually being a computer programmer instead of a soldier and getting to travel the world and see exotic places.

asked military veterans to send us their stories of life after war— their experiences returning home and seeking health care and benefits from the Department of Veterans Affairs. In the past week, we've heard from not only veterans, but also from family members of veterans, both living and deceased; from doctors who work with the VA; from journalists who've covered the VA; and from various contractors and private citizens who deal with the VA in various capacities.

Ben arrived by bus in Philadelphia to meet with "Desert Rose", Sweet Dee's online alias.

When he arrived, he was suffering from an injured knee and was in a wheelchair. She grew suspicious and wanted to be independent, so she left him during a picnic and got lost in the woods.

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