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News about speakers and programming will be revealed in the weeks to come. Refer a friend who’s never attended OCON and receive a Amazon gift card if he/she attends OCON 2018!Guest room reservations will be available this fall. Ask your friend to name you when registering, and we’ll reward you after the conference.The most important difference that jumps out to me comparing Objectivism and Effective Altruism is the Individual vs. To a lesser, but related extent, is the use of the word altruism.Objectivism puts the individual first, for without the individual all else cannot follow including the various forms of relationships between them.Don't Blame Wall Street Governments and Individual Rights Anarcho-Capitalism rebuttal Doctors and Individual Rights Internet Freedom VS On-line Piracy Laws Must be Specific to Preserve Freedom To Students of Objectivism Kant as Founder of Modern Art Thinking in Terms of Principles The Purpose of Art On Objectivity -- The Method of Thought Applications of Philosophy Happiness by a Proper Standard Morality and War Induction and Anarchism Immigration and Applied Egoism Independence Day 2012: Losing the Battle On Civil Society Batman and Justice Paul Ryan and Objectivism Philosophy in the Workplace Articulating Freedom The Argument for Freedom Psycho-epistemology Black Friday Special, The Morality of Profit Intellectual Property Rights How The Internet Works Carnegie Museum of Art and Natural History The Morality of Copyrights and Patents Justice Freedom of Speech -- a Sacred Right Objective Value Teleological Measurements Induction Causality Cognition Ayn Rand as a Moral Hero Moral Integrity On Dualism Protest NSA Spying The Objectivist Trilogy The DIM Hypothesis Tolerance and DIM Individual Rights How We Know $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Copyright Issues Statement Welcome to: Applied Philosophy Online Where ideas are brought down to earth!

A spiritual oasis is desperately needed, and you managed to provide one against the odds.It is they who decide what evidence and reason applies, as if there was an objective measure to compare homelessness to building schools in third world countries.No matter what they come up with, nobody will agree with the measurement; at least not all at the same time and not in perpetuity.Catholic Answers Forums will be transitioning to a redesigned website starting in September.If you've been active on the forums within the last year your account will be migrated to the new site.

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